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Center for eating disorders

We offer professional counseling and therapy for all types of eating disorders – conveniently online. With our extensive experience and expertise, we offer tailored counseling and therapy from the comfort of your own home. Our approach is characterized by empathy and professionalism, always responding to the individual needs and circumstances of each patient.

Unique approach

Our team’s unique approach sets us apart from other therapy services. Our founder, herself affected by an eating disorder for many years and now cured, brings not only a deep understanding of patients, but also the expertise required to provide effective help. This combination of personal experience and professional qualifications enables us to act with great empathy and competence.

Individual care and constant availability

We attach great importance to intensive and individual care for our patients. By developing customized treatment plans and working closely with each individual, we achieve optimal treatment results. Our patients particularly appreciate our constant availability – even outside of therapy hours – which conveys a feeling of security and support.

Center for eating disorders

The Eating Disorders Centre is a purely online private practice and thus offers you many advantages.

Eating disorders and Anorexia nervosa

Those affected often feel like worthless and bad people, bad and not worth living. Everything you experience …

Choose the right therapy

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Recognized expertise in the public eye

Our center’s expertise in the field of eating disorders is also highly valued by the public. Our founder has received recognition in various media for her personal and professional experience, which underlines the quality and effectiveness of our work.

For example, our founder and expert Sandra Kettner reported on the dangers of anorexia nervosa in a Spiegel TV program on February 16, 2014. In this report on eating disorders, she highlighted the risks of ProAna movements in particular and presented excerpts from a real therapy session. Sandra Kettner was also interviewed by a Dutch editorial team for a television documentary on the development of eating disorders. As an alternative practitioner for psychotherapy, she used this platform to share her own experiences and the understandable picture of this serious and dangerous disorder.

Just when the caterpillar thought the world was disappearing, it became a butterfly.

Professional therapy for patients worldwide

Our center is open to patients from Germany and all over the world. We start with an initial contact, followed by a detailed anamnesis via Zoom. Each treatment plan is customized and includes regular sessions and personal support. If necessary, we also call in other specialist areas to ensure holistic promotion of well-being.

We are there for our patients

People suffering from eating disorders should not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and support anyone who wants to on their journey to recovery. The journey to a healthier life starts here, at the Center for Eating Disorders.


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Eating disorder test: a first step towards self-assessment

Eating disorders are complex and multi-layered illnesses that often develop gradually and can be difficult to recognize for both sufferers and their relatives. In order to identify the first signs of an eating disorder, we have developed a special test that can help to better understand symptoms and warning signs.

Recognizing the signs of an eating disorder

The eating disorder test is designed to provide an initial indication of the presence of an eating disorder. It includes a series of questions designed to assess attitudes and behaviors related to eating, body image and self-perception. This test is a valuable tool for becoming more aware of one’s eating habits and the thoughts and feelings associated with them.

Importance of professional diagnosis

It is important to emphasize that this online test cannot replace a professional diagnosis. It serves as a guide and should encourage you to seek professional help if necessary. An accurate diagnosis and treatment of an eating disorder can only be made by a qualified professional.

The advantages of online counseling

Anonymity and privacy

Online counseling offers an essential element that is invaluable, especially for people with eating disorders: anonymity and privacy. It is often difficult for those affected to talk about their disorder, whether due to feelings of shame or fear of misunderstanding. The opportunity to seek help in a protected online environment without being exposed to the direct gaze of a therapist or other patients can significantly lower the inhibition threshold. This anonymity encourages many to take the first important step and seek professional support, which can be crucial in overcoming eating disorders.

Flexibility in scheduling appointments

Another significant advantage of online counseling is the flexibility in scheduling appointments. For many people, it is a challenge to fit regular sessions into an already busy schedule, especially if traveling to and from the practice takes up extra time. Online sessions offer a practical solution here: they can be conveniently attended from home or any other location, allowing patients to continue their therapy without major interruptions to their daily lives. This flexibility makes it easier to establish therapy as an i Continuity and support

Continuity in therapy is crucial for the treatment of eating disorders. Online counseling offers the great advantage that it can be continued regardless of time and place. This is particularly helpful for people who move frequently, travel for work reasons or are restricted in their mobility due to unforeseeable events such as illness. The ability to work with the same therapist regularly and without interruption creates a continuous support structure, which is very important for the healing process.

Access to specialized therapists

Another key benefit of online counseling is access to specialized therapists who may not be available in your area. Eating disorders often require specific and experienced treatment that cannot be found in every geographical location. Online platforms allow patients to connect with experienced professionals who specialize in the treatment of eating disorders, regardless of where they live. This greatly expands the opportunities for sufferers to receive quality, specialized help that can be critical to the road to recovery.