Eating disorders are complex psycho-somatic illnesses that involve far more than just disordered eating behavior. The visible symptoms often conceal profound psychological problems and emotional conflicts. Every form of eating disorder, from anorexia and bulimia to binge eating disorder, is an expression of inner distress that requires a great deal of sensitivity, understanding and professional support. With specialized online therapy services in Berlin, we offer trustworthy and understanding help for eating disorders.

On the road to recovery, it is important to carefully get to the root of the suffering and learn alternative ways of dealing with stressful feelings and situations. It is important that those affected learn to accept themselves in all their facets and to recognize their own worth regardless of their weight, figure and eating habits. We can accompany those affected on this path and give them guidance. With a great deal of compassion, knowledge and commitment, we can work together towards a future in which eating disorders will be overcome.


Bulimia is a complex eating disorder that encompasses far more than just eating and vomiting behavior. Behind the facade of bulimia are often self-destructive thoughts, coupled with shame and feelings of guilt. It is important to deal sensitively with emotional injuries and carefully work out a path out of the negative spiral. A combination of behavioral therapy, psychotherapeutic support and a trusting environment can help bulimics find their way back to themselves.

Binge eating disorder

A binge eating disorder expresses inner emptiness and disorientation. With a great deal of understanding and patience, it is important to uncover the triggering factors and develop alternative coping strategies for psychological stress. It is important that those affected learn to accept themselves and their strengths and weaknesses. Together, a way can be found to regain control over eating behavior and achieve inner balance.


Anorexia is an insidious disease that has a grip on body and mind. The constant fear of gaining weight and distorted self-perception isolate those affected more and more. With a great deal of empathy and education about realistic body images, the vicious circle can be broken. It is important to focus on the patient’s personal values beyond body weight and to show ways in which eating disordered behavior patterns can be overcome. The key lies in carefully bringing the inner abysses to light and accompanying those affected step by step out of the darkness.

Center for eating disorders

The Eating Disorders Centre is a purely online private practice and thus offers you many advantages.

Eating disorders and Anorexia nervosa

Those affected often feel like worthless and bad people, bad and not worth living. Everything you experience …

Choose the right therapy

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Help with eating disorders: Mixed forms occur frequently

The spectrum of eating disorders is diverse and complex, with mixed forms between the best-known categories – anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder – occurring frequently. These hybrid forms illustrate that the boundaries between the individual eating disorders are fluid and symptoms can overlap or change over time. For example, a person who originally shows signs of anorexia may experience phases in which binge eating and subsequent vomiting – typical characteristics of bulimia – occur. Similarly, someone with bulimia may temporarily try to control their weight through strict dieting and fasting, which is reminiscent of the behavior in anorexia.

In addition to these main, mixed and special forms, there are other manifestations of disordered eating behaviour, some of which are recognized as independent clinical pictures. These include anorexia athletica, which mainly occurs in competitive athletes, orthorexia nervosa, which is characterized by a compulsive fixation on healthy food, chewing and spitting, night eating syndrome, avoidant-restrictive feeding disorder (ARFID), feeding disorders in childhood and pica syndrome.

Each of these disorders, whether the main form, mixed form, special form or one of the other eating disorders, is stressful for those affected and can have serious physical and psychosocial consequences. They require professional treatment in order to overcome the disorder. Expert advice and therapy are essential in order to offer those affected and their families guidance and to show them ways out of the disorder. The individual nature of each eating disorder requires a personalized treatment strategy that takes into account the specific needs and circumstances of the individual.

Help with eating disorders through online therapy: anonymous and confidential

The first step is always the hardest – but you don’t have to take it alone. With our introductory therapy packages, we would like to take you gently by the hand and pave the way for professional counseling.

In a trusting atmosphere, you will find space to talk about your fears and goals. Together with your therapist, you will explore the underlying causes of your eating disorder and develop initial coping strategies. Each of our packages includes a certain number of professionally guided counseling sessions. This allows you to gain initial experience in a safe environment and find the right support for you.

We accompany you on these first steps with sensitivity and expertise. We help you to look inwards, develop a better understanding of yourself and set you on the road to recovery. The packages are designed to give you the structure you need to embark on the process step by step. But they are only the beginning. Together we will find out what further help you need to overcome the eating disorder permanently.

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