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The provided packages can assist you in approaching therapy for eating disorders and taking the first step on your path to recovery. Often, finding the courage and willingness to seek professional support can be a challenge. Our packages are designed to offer you a gentle entry into therapy and help you embrace the process.

By choosing one of our packages, you will receive a specific number of therapy hours that give you the opportunity to become familiar with the therapist, build a foundation of trust, and develop a deeper understanding of your personal challenges related to your eating disorder. In these sessions, you can discuss your concerns, fears, and goals while gradually experiencing therapeutic support.

Our therapists are empathetic, experienced, and specialized in guiding individuals with eating disorders. They create a safe space where you can open up and share your thoughts and feelings. They will help you develop a deeper understanding of your condition and work together with you to address your individual disordered thoughts.

The packages also aim to provide structure and support your commitment to therapeutic work. By committing to a specific number of sessions, you are encouraged to actively engage in your recovery journey and collaborate regularly with your therapist.

Please note that the packages are designed to support the process of therapy introduction and trust-building. Depending on your individual needs, ongoing therapeutic support beyond the offered packages may be necessary. Your therapist will work with you to develop the best treatment plan and support you throughout the entire journey.

Free initial consultation or book a consultation package

Here you can arrange your free 30-minute initial consultation or book one of the 3 consulting packages. After booking you will receive an email with all further details.

Welcome to your free 30-minute initial consultation! We are excited to offer you the opportunity to meet us and talk about your eating disorder challenges and needs. This initial consultation offers you an insight into our therapeutic approach and enables us to better understand your individual situation.

In these 30 minutes you have the opportunity to share your worries and fears with us, ask questions and get a first impression of our empathetic and supportive approach. We will actively listen to you and discuss possible treatment approaches and therapy options together.

Our goal is to offer you a space in this initial consultation in which you can feel comfortable and understood. We encourage you to be open about your experiences and goals so that together we can find the best path to recovery.

Please note that this initial consultation is not a substitute for full therapy. Rather, it serves to get to know each other, to discuss your concerns and to decide together whether a long-term therapeutic cooperation is suitable for you.

Our 3-hour package gives you a solid foundation to get started with eating disorder treatment. In three sessions we can work together on your eating disorder. In the beginning, it is fundamental to better understand your own illness and to recognize that you are controlled by the illness and that you cannot control it yourself. An understanding of the disease is essential for this.

This package is ideal for making initial progress and gaining insight into the therapeutic process.

Contents of the package:
• 3 individual therapy sessions of 60 minutes each
• digital PDF workbook for thought work
• Contact and support outside of the agreed times via communication tool

Price: 285 Euros / 1150 AED

Our 5 hour package allows us to delve deeper into the work on your eating disorder. In these sessions we can go into the “voice of the eating disorder” more intensively, identify and learn to understand negative thought patterns and beliefs. Together we will start to question the eating disorder and come into a more objective and healthy way of thinking.
This package not only gives you a better understanding of your illness, but also initial impulses to take action against it.

Contents of the package:
• 5 individual therapy sessions of 60 minutes each
• digital PDF workbook for thought work
• Contact and support outside of the agreed times via communication tool

Price: 475 Euros or 1900 AED

Our 10-hour package offers a more comprehensive and in-depth therapeutic experience for the treatment of eating disorders. In these sessions, we have adequate time to address the more complex beliefs of your eating disorder, including any underlying psychological, emotional, or traumatic factors.
This package allows us to guide you to work more independently on the diseased and underlying thoughts.

Contents of the package:
• 10 individual therapy sessions of 60 minutes each
• digital PDF workbook for thought work
• Contact and support outside of the agreed times via communication tool

Price: 950 Euros or 3800 AED

Important note:

It’s important to note that an eating disorder is a complex issue and doesn’t promise a quick solution in 3, 5, or 10 therapy sessions. The offered packages aim to provide a structured framework for therapeutic work and offer a solid start on your path to recovery.

Successful treatment of eating disorders requires time, commitment, and ongoing support. It’s a gradual process that demands patience, self-reflection, and active participation. It’s crucial to have realistic expectations and be aware that individual progress and the duration of the treatment process can vary.

The offered packages serve as a foundation for starting treatment and can act as a guide for the ongoing work. It’s possible to achieve progress within this framework, but it’s important to understand that complete recovery from an eating disorder takes time and continuous therapeutic support.

As a therapist, I will be by your side throughout the entire process, supporting you in achieving your individual goals and building a healthy relationship with food and your body. Together, we will address your challenges, develop new strategies, and provide you with tools to achieve long-term changes.