Objective or subjective?

Objective or subjective?

Now it continues with the confusion. I should ask myself if the therapy makes sense? OK, here I come: Many doubts arise (from anorexia or from myself?) why the therapy will and cannot work for me:


      • first, of course, the doubts, whether the therapy is just right for me?

      • The therapists just want to make money anyway, they can tell me a lot, but in the end I mean nothing to them

      • why should my friend join in and support this?

      • he will leave me

      • It costs way too much, that is absolutely impossible

      • The parents reproach me and think that I will manage it on my own

      • This therapy is so different, it`s not working for me

      • I should stop it right away

    If I think about it, I’m sure there are many more reasons for that, but S. interrupts me and wants to show me what a healthy (and objectively thinking) person would say: The therapy has already helped other patients. Why should the therapy not work for you if you really want to get well?
    After completion of the therapy you will have your normal and healthy life back. You too deserve to feel better! The therapists have no reason to lie to you. Why should they do this?
    You are so sensitive that you can immediately assess people and their moods and thoughts. By this you can see that the therapists really mean it to you honestly.
    Your friend chose the therapy, was present at the preliminary talk and is fully behind it. You should do the same! After the therapy you will have your normal and healthy life back. That’s exactly what your partner wants. Of course the therapy is very hard and exhausting. But believe me, it is very difficult in the beginning, but if you fight then you will have your life waiting for you. And it will be wonderful! Isn’t it worth it? Once again I leave the session quite confused and confused.