1) Are your thoughts constantly on the topic of food, figure, weight?

2) Do you feel too fat though your family / friends assure you that you are normal or underweight?

3) Does your mood & self-worth depend on the number provided on the scale?

4) According to the current weight tables and the calculation of the body mass index (= weight in kg / size in m2) are you underweight?

5) Do you weigh yourself daily?

6) Are you constantly afraid of gaining weight?

7) Do you feel bad when you have eaten a lot or are full?

8) Do you suppress hunger through smoking or chewing gum?

9) Do you suffer from binge eating and eat uncontrollably large amounts of food?

10) Do you enjoy eating in company?

11) Do you use an appetite suppressant, laxative, or exercise excessively to control your weight?

12) Do you avoid high-calorie foods and this may have caused your underweight?

13) Do you suffer from health problems?

14) Has your menstruation been absent for some time (in women) or has your potency decreased or disappeared (in men)?